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Skelaxin related articles:

Q:How will you send skelaxin prescription to me?
A: We will ship your original skelaxin order via FedEx Standard Overnight, and you should receive skelaxin it within one business day.

Q:How do I can buy skelaxin online?
A: A licensed physician reviews your individual situation, then approves or declines your skelaxin order.

Q:If I buy skelaxin online, do you send skelaxin around the world?
A: We regret that at present, skelaxin shipment are only available domestically and not worldwide.

Q:Wen I buy skelaxin, do you can send my order of skelaxin from your skelaxin Online Pharmacy to my post office box?
A: We can only deliver package with original skelaxin prescription to valid street addresses.

Q: Does someone have to be home to receive my original skelaxin?
A: An individual over the age of 18 must sign for skelaxin prescription deliveries.

This information may be interesting for you:

Looking in Mirrors

Eyes may be the mirrors of the soul, but the world is a funhouse of reflective glass, lurking out there, ready to confront you when you least expect it.

Mirror Image


Most of us have a love/hate relationships with mirrors. We need them around but often get undone by the person staring back at us.

If we are being efficient and practical, on our way to work or out for some romance, sometimes a mirror can get itself in the same mood and respond accordingly.

  • teeth free of celery strings and poppy seeds. ?
  • bed head taken care of ?
  • tags removed or tucked in ?
  • no holes or split seams showing ?

Ready. Set. Good to Go.

If we could be that efficient and get out of the house...we wouldn’t have to deal with lunchtime frazzles, make up run off and the dangers of shopping for clothes.

The trouble is that mirrors have minds of their own. Not unlike our own citizenry, mirrors have personality traits that must be analyzed before we can enter a relationship with one.

the person we used to be....younger, crease-free.

Some mirrors are kind and forgiving. They shed a lovely light. In their reflections we see the person we used to be....younger, crease-free. We realize we are still that person. We can see it right in front of us, not just in old pictures from our earlier lives.

But some mirrors are cruel. They torment like bullies during recess.

  • Ohmigod, my nose is HUGE. It’s taking over my face. Just like Dickie Lavoie said in fourth grade.
  • Yiy, yiy, yiy. My pores are craters. I look like a slab of Jahrlsberg cheese. Who could leave the house looking like this?
  • Hey! Lady! (you say) This store has FAT mirrors. Talk to management, will you? Nothing looks good in here. Six dresses and they all show me with a pooch. I didn’t have a pooch in my mirror at home.

I’m thinking that the rise of interest in candles and candle making is a direct reflection (as it were) of Mirror Torment. Yes, wonderful new candles smell terrific. Yes, we can buy mood enhancers for Peace and Passion and Wisdom.

But frankly, I think we are stocking up on candles because we all look pretty damn good in candlelight. You don’t believe me? Set a candle in front of your mirrors. Other than creating even more ambient lighting, every time you look in the glass you will hear, “You. Look. Marrrrrvellllous.”


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