The Path to Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony… What is it? Where can it take you and how can it change your life?

Inner Harmony is a state of knowing the peaceful vibration that fills your heart and soul. It is a level of silent internal love that ignites and fulfills our spirit. Once ignited, a tranquil flow of energy flows through your being engulfing your spirit. Inner Harmony is a state of mind. One in which your consciously choose to experience, with the utmost of mindful presence, sincerity and truth.

I am often asked what words describe Inner Harmony. My response is always that mere words without the intention and emotional attachment are just words. For example, Peace, when simply stated like that… is just a word. Imagine how it would be to feel the word Peace, to experience the vibration to permeate your heart, then you are at the beginning of taking ownership of Inner Harmony in your soul.

Where can Inner Harmony take you? For most of us reaching Inner Harmony is a challenge. Recently, during a meditative time, I asked God, my angels and my guides, and all that exist out there, what is needed to reach Inner Harmony. The answers were so simple and incredibly refreshing:

Look within, not beyond yourself.
I contemplated that thought and discovered, to my realization, that life is truly inside of me as it is within all of us. We can achieve all that is, by believing that we have it inside. Believing that each of us possess wonderful gifts… amazing gifts! When we learn to tap into that reservoir of energy, much can be discovered about ourselves. That all of us have a spirit that is alive and well. When we allow Inner Harmony to permeate our soul, we can see the truth of our Life… we see our soul’s purpose.

Peacefulness and Inner Harmony are synonymous with each other and exist inside of you.
I thought that I knew this already. So I sat in silence. What I discovered was that peace and Inner Harmony felt like the stillness of a pond. Like a bird in flight with the wind beneath it’s spirit. Inner Harmony feels like the radiant love shared by a parent and child or two dear friends embracing in a heart-to-heart hug. Inner Harmony is accessible to you! The peace that I experienced is mine. It is me… my soul… without distractions of stress. It is you. You can achieve all that there is just by being you!

Be Present in this moment and nothing more. In truth, nothing else matters but this moment in time.
I sat there. I took ownership of that moment. I could only see that moment and it looked like I was being encapsulated by the softness of the white light. I could only feel that moment. In the warmth of that moment I was brought to tears, tears of joy. I could only hear that moment. It sounded like trumpets calling in the distance. What I discovered was that the quiet, spirit-filled energy of that moment was inside of me! My heart was the trumpet… no longer in the distance, but here in the moment… beating, alive and free.

Acknowledge your distractions. Don’t shove them inside. Gently place your distractions on another plateau with the intention to experience them later.
Often we find ourselves putting one thing on top of another. We never really stop to cleanse our spiritual and emotional energy. Be mindful of one issue, the one that needs your immediate attention. If you take just one issue at a time, mindfully assessing and evaluating it, resolution is attainable.

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